About Us

AU COURANT is a Research, Publishing, Consulting and Training firm. We provide legal information, analysis and industry training solutions to corporate bodies, law firms, regulatory bodies, and government agencies.

Our core objective is to advance our clients’ professional growth through training, consulting, and information. We are committed to fulfilling these objectives through value-driven services tailored to client-specific needs.

We strive to maximize potentials by bridging the gap in knowledge and training.

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Why choose us


Publishing –We publish biographies, commemorative publications, journals, periodicals etc


Financial Management

We help firms maximize their finances and increase cashflow.


This involves business partnership, negotiations and succession planning


Policy Development

This involves policy framework, law review & legislation – planning, drafting, report-writing etc


Legal Research

We train lawyers and provide up-to-date information on legislation and case law relevant to their industry.

Curriculum Development

We engage in curriculum development to create better training and learning outcomes.

Our mission

Our renowned training and consulting packages will allow you to:

  • Increase your business efficiency.
  • Attract and retain quality personnel.
  • Learn Time Management.
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team.
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality.
  • Automate your business.


Our experience

Training 90%
Consulting 90%
Publishing 95%

Looking to grow your company?